Meeting Minutes

Minutes taken by Ashley Crace

ASIS&T Meeting 11/2/11 5pm central


  1. Elizabeth Levkoff
  2. Greg Carr
  3. Ashley Crace
  4. Audrey Taylor
  5. Patty Crow
  6. Stephen Asbury
  7. William
  8. Mike




  • Meeting began at 5:01pm CST
  • Amendments to constitution to split treasurer/secretary and include technology coordinator position
  • Definition of technology coordinator?
  • Vote on creating positions. Vote=majority to create
  • No hazing, University of Alabama policy
  • Dues and fines-cannot implement until after January 1st,  $40 for national, $10 to join just student chapter.  Vote=majority votes yes
  • Benefits of joining national: JASIST, networking, job line, conferences
  • New membership form: on website and Facebook
  • What other student groups do: trivia night, how to presentations, blogs, etc.
  • What do we want to be about?  How often to meet?
  • Tornado relief project volunteering, coordinate with other organizations in SLIS, SAC VP trying to coordinate
  • Bama Buddies?  Elizabeth will pursue
  • Social media: Facebook, twitter, website, twitter room
  • Dr. Chirag Shah event from Rutgers, November 10th approx. 1 hour, big deal in ASIS&T; try to get good showing
  • Chapter of the year/Poster presentations:  What does a good chapter look like?  Cool tools, updating weekly or twice weekly, new sites, linking to technology and speakers on site, social media and blogs about current events

William-distributed computing: with personal PC, research projects throughout world, lend hard drive to research projects for computing power to conduct research

  • November 17th plan? Working on program idea
  • Content for website based on individual interests twice a month
  • Discussion of advertising for events and programs

Adjourned 5:27 pm CST

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