Speaker: Dr. Chirag Shah, Virtual Referencing to Social Q&A and Back

Don’t forget, November 10th!

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More about Dr. Chirag Shah
Dr. Chirag Shah is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Library & Information Science (LIS) within the School of Communication & Information (SC&I) at Rutgers University. His research interests include various aspects of interactive information retrieval/seeking, especially in the context of online social networks and collaborations, contextual information mining, and applications of social media services for exploring critical socio-political issues. He is also interested in various theoretical and practical aspects of information as a thing, and online information propagation. He has been working in the field of social Q&A for several years, and has produced many substantial contributions and recognitions, including the OCLC/ALISE Library & Information Science Research Grant for studying modalities, motivations, and methods for online Q&A, as well as an IMLS National Leadership Grant with Dr. Radford from Rutgers and Dr. Connaway from OCLC for creating “Cyber Synergy” between virtual referencing and social Q&A services.

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