Meeting Minutes

1.20.2012 ASIS&T Minutes

Start: 1:00 p.m.

Attendance: Elizabeth Levkoff, Rebecca Doom, Jamie Burke, Miranda Webster, Stephen Deloney, Beth Dobson,  Kristen Bailey

Discussed plans for semester. Guest speaker ideas welcomed. No ideas.

Discussed a future social event. Decided to wait to determine where we would eat.

Discussed the planning of a SLIS conference.

Discussed Twitter Trivia and how that could be implemented. Discussed making a social event where DE students could participate.

Discussed how members of ASIS&T could create presentations about topics with which they have familiarity. Suggestions: Facebook Privacy Settings

Asked for volunteers for the position of Vice-President. Jamie Burke nominated Rebecca Doom. The floor voted, and Rebecca Doom was elected Vice-President. Therefore:

President: Elizabeth Levkoff

Vice President: Rebecca Doom

Web Master: Audrey Taylor

Secretary: Ashley Crace

Treasurer: William Landau

Note: William Landau has been given permission to act as secretary in any financial situation including banking proceedings.

Meeting Ends: 1:06 p.m.